Corporate Mission

Easy Ride aims at serving the populations while promoting company values and making profits for sustainable growth with a common objective of providing the highest quality service to our clients in Uganda and the world at large.

Our Values:
  • Quality: we understand the need to be recognized as the leading providers of quality services and we strive to achieve that.
  • Timeliness: with a dedicated team, we accomplish any given assignment in time. We guarantee that all documents must be handed over to our client's insurer within 48 Hours [excluding a police Report which takes 4 working days] and that there will never be any reminders for documents from your insurer.
  • Ethics: We aspire to the highest ethical standards both in our business dealings and our contribution to society while providing a service of unmatched quality.
Social Responsibility:
Easy Ride is Uganda's number one accident solutions provider and is committed to being a socially responsible company and a role model for all businesses in Uganda.

As part of Corporate Social Responsibility Easy Ride is investing in the socio-economic betterment of the people of Uganda through providing free legal advices and public awareness of the importance of the insurance policies they buy more especially the mandatory Third-Party insurance to all motor accident victims and the general public who have faced various post-accident challenges.

Easy Ride believes that Ugandan motor drivers and the entire population should be educated more about road usage and there should be a link between the accident victims, police and insurance companies.