We are a motor emergency services company that offers rescue services, motor repair, accident scene management, and fleet management services.We exist to serve both individuals and corporate entities

Easy Ride Services

For Relief, Comfort and Convenience

We provide instant relief to those who are in accident-related environments. The purpose of this is to reduce injuries, reduce further damage, address difficult…

Do you have any claims with insurance companies? Are you chasing police document approval and the like? We make this easy for you by doing this so that you don’t have to worry…

We offer car repair and maintenance services to individuals and companies. We provide mechanical repair services all over Uganda and even a temporary car replacement…

As a fleet manager, we help you take away your worry about fleet effectiveness and cost-efficientness to allow you to focus on the productivity of your company…

Our Process


The most important of everything we serve is people. In all situations and circumstances, we make sure that life and safety is taken care of first by providing services of First Aid, Ambulance Services, among others

2. Environment

At Easy Ride, we exist to ensure that the environment around any scenes of accident or damage is protected and restored. We manage any spills and /or solid waste that may be generated as a result of the accident

3. Property

At Easy Ride Uganda, we ensure that all property (Vehicles & contents) involved in accident scenarios are protected and restored if lost or damaged with quick response. We also do Protection/Removal, storage, damage assessments, Breakdown/car carrier services, Repairs, and any other task as required by the client.

Our Service Packages

For Relief, Comfort and Convenience

Document Processing
Services include
Damage assessment reports
Police reports
IOV reports
Driver performance
Pre accident reports
Accident Scene Management
Services include
First Aid
Ambulance services
Provision of rescue cars
Protection and removal
Data Collection
Handle third-parties
Accident report preparation
Root cause analysis.
Damages assessment
Manage spills/solid wastes
Work with local police
Car Repair & Auto Glass
Services include
Windscreen replacements
Accident repair
Spray/Paint works
General vehicle servicing
Tyre sales & Fittings
Brakes & Shocks fittings
Engine & Gear box Repair
Computer diagnosis
Wheel Alignment
Air Conditioning Service
Fleet Management Services
Services include
Repair management
Vehicle tracking
Fuel monitoring
Roadside assistance
Driver trainings
Car rental services
Accident management
Upcountry repair support
Managing fines
Driver management

Driving Tips & Blogs

Be Aware! Keep Your Vehicle Safe, Dependable and on the road longer. We have motor emergency services

Keep Hands on the Wheel

Stop Touching the Radio

Turn Your Cell Phone Off

Stay in Your Lane