Distracted Driving Numbers Worse Than Previously Estimated

Distracted driving is an epidemic, and has quickly surpassed drunk driving as the leading cause of fatal car crashes.

In fact, the NHTSA estimates that as many as 660,000 drivers per day use their phones while navigating roads. Although this number itself would be troubling enough, new data suggests that the number of distracted drivers on the road may be far worse than we previously thought. How much worse?

A recent study conducted shows that millions of people use their cell phones while driving on a daily basis, putting the number of distracted drivers on the road at over 100 times previous estimates, with a staggering 60 percent of all drivers recorded as using their phones at least once during the day.

Not only are these numbers far higher than we initially feared, but it seems that the problem of distracted driving is only getting worse over time, despite growing public awareness of the deadly consequences.

In comparison to last year’s data, distracted driving was shown to have increased increased in forty-nine out of the fifty US states. In addition to this, cell phone use increased in every city that was studied, and the average amount of time each driver spent on their phone also increased.

On average, drivers were recorded to be spending up to 3.5 minutes on their cell phones for every one hour on the road, which is equivalent to driving roughly 2.3 miles (or 3.68 kms) with your eyes closed.

As the behaviour becomes more widespread and normalized, it’s clear from this data that current measures to curb distracted driving are ineffective.

In light of this information, now more than ever, Keeping Roads Safe is committed to the research and application of innovative solutions to tackle the problem of distracted driving and to help improve traffic safety.

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