Easy Ride Road safety and Driving Tips in Uganda Roads

Keep Your Hands on the Wheel
It may sound simple, but many people, and new drivers especially, have trouble following that simple suggestion. Before your car ever leaves the driveway, adjust your mirrors, your seat and anything else you may have to before you take off. Doing this prevents you from having to make these adjustments on the road, which can easily take your eyes off of what’s in front of you and create a dangerous situation.

Stop Touching the Radio
Everyone likes listening to their favorite music while driving. It helps pass the time on those long trips, and can make short trips fun. However, it can also be highly dangerous. If your vehicle has radio controls on the steering wheel, use those instead of leaning over to touch the unit itself. It will make it easier for you to focus. Better still, set your station before you depart and leave it there. It’s also recommended to drive with the radio off during your first few times behind the wheel. Get to know your vehicle before you add other distractions.

Turn Your Cell Phone Off
In today’s world, everyone is connected wirelessly. Text, email, phone calls, music–today’s wireless phones are multimedia powerhouses. While that’s all fine and good, they are not driving aids. If anything, they are driving inhibitors. Studies have shown that driving while trying to send out a text message is just as dangerous as driving drunk. Do yourself, and everyone else on the road, a favor and turn your phone off. Turning it off is the easiest way to avoid a distraction from a message or a call. If you really need to use your phone in an emergency situation, pull over to the side of the road or into a gas station first. Never talk on the phone while driving. In some states, this is illegal and a ticketable offense. Wear Your Seat Belts
This is another tip that may sound painfully obvious, but many people don’t take heed. First and foremost, wearing a seat belt is scientifically proven to help prevent injury in an accident. Second, not wearing your seat belt is a ticketable offense in 49 of the 50 states. Save yourself the hassle, and the money, and just wear your seat belt. It could save your life.

Stay in Your Lane
Yet another seemingly apparent rule of driving that many people just can’t follow. Pay close attention to what lane you are driving in. If you cut a person off you can cause an accident, or a backup in traffic. If you find it difficult, consider getting a car with a hood ornament and using it as a guide to make sure you stay in your lane more often.

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