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EASY RIDE is a fully incorporated Limited Liability Company with head offices in Kampala – Uganda. We are a motor emergency service company and our primary functions are Provision of Automobile Solutions to individuals, insurance companies and Corporate Companies.

We are a motor emergency service company that offers rescue services, motor repair, accident scene management, and fleet management services. We exist to serve both individuals and corporate entities.

Easy ride is comprised of a hardworking team that makes sure no stones are left unturned during the process of offering relief to our customers.


Easy Ride is the N0 1 motor emergency service company that offers rescue and other services to individuals, insurance companies and corporate organizations in Uganda. Our ultimate goal is to solve all motor related challenges while saving time & money to our clients. The company was promoted by five able bodied Ugandans living abroad and some in the country with an aim of finding a lasting solution to various motor challenges faced by road users.
At Easy Ride, we take great pride in being able to offer all our customers access to world class motor solutions while they concentrate on their core businesses for profitability.

The Easy Ride Management team is highly professional, practical and with vast experience and background of the road safely, mechanical engineering, insurance/common law, accident management, fleet management, among others. We therefore have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of both the technical and economic aspects which are employed to the benefit of our clients and their customers. We therefore promise a high standard of service while keeping in mind the value of time.

  • Social Responsibility:
    Easy Ride is Uganda’s number one accident solutions provider and is committed to being a socially responsible company and a role model for all businesses in Uganda.
  • As part of Corporate Social Responsibility Easy Ride is investing in the socio-economic betterment of the people of Uganda through road safety campaigns and public awareness of the importance of insurance to the development of society. We also provide free advice to the people faced by various post-accident challenges.
  • Easy Ride believes that Ugandan motor drivers and the entire population should be educated more about road usage and there should be a link between the accident victims, police and insurance companies.

Our brand is our most valuable asset. It embodies all that we stand for, conveys the beliefs and principles upon which we operate and serve as a company. Our corporate brand has been modernized and adapted by all staff to further build upon and protect our reputation.

We have a wide team of agents across Uganda who will ensure relief for you or your company from anywhere in Uganda.

The team also has relationship managers who ensure that they attend to all queries and claims.

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