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Accident Scene Management

This service is aimed at providing instant relief to those who are in accident-related environments. The purpose of this is to reduce injuries, reduce further damage, address difficult surroundings, provide evacuation services to include breakdown and ambulance services.

Document Processing

Do you have any claims with insurance companies? Are you chasing police document approval and the like? We make this easy for you by doing this so that you don’t have to worry about it. We offer swift document processing services.

Car Repair

Easyride offers you comprehensive Accident Management that saves you time and money. We significantly reduce your administrative burden and cut settlement time. You also benefit from lower repair and handling charges thanks to our special supplier conditions.
We offer car repair and maintenance services to individuals and companies. We provide mechanical repair services all over Uganda and even temporary car replacement services.

Fleet Management Services

As a fleet manager, running your company’s fleet effectively and cost-efficiently is your goal. You not only need to take care of daily fleet demands, you also have to anticipate new requirements and create solutions. You need to be informed at all times about events which affect the optimisation of your fleet. At Easyride, we help take away your worry about this to allow your focus on the productivity of your company.

Other Services

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  • -Accident scene Management’
  • -First Aid
  • -Ambulance services
  • -Breakdown Services
  • -Document processing
  • -Car repair
  • -Fleet management services
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