Improving Road Safety: Police Engage Driving School Owners and Instructors

Uganda Police acting Commissioner in charge Inspectorate of vehicles, Sulaiman Kirungi has reminded driving school owners and instructors of their role in ensuring road safety.

Meeting over 60 driving school owners and instructors at Police headquarters in Naguru on Friday, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Kirungi said since drivers go through driving schools, the instructors are major stakeholders in ensuring improved driving standards.

“The purpose of this meeting is to remind you that road safety lies in our hands. It’s our duty and responsibility to improve driving standards in the country. It is you who test the drivers. So, we have to sit together and find means of improving road safety and we can only achieve this if you produce good drivers on the road,” he said.

ACP Kirungi noted that most accidents on roads are caused by human error factors, this he said can be corrected if well trained and cautious drivers are churned out by driving schools.

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